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Apr 19, 2022

Where are you standing right now? 

No. I don’t mean literally. I’m referring to your leadership. 

It’s Easter! Christ is Risen! And I trust you experienced the joy, wonder, and power of the resurrection in worship on Sunday. 

The question is, where are you standing with your leadership? Are you standing on the Monday side of Easter or the Friday side of Easter?

While that may seem like a silly question to ask right after we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, it’s the reality of many leaders.

  • Many try to lead without hope. 
  • Some try to lead without the power of the risen Lord guiding the way.
  • And still others dwell in the darkness and disappointment we experience in the garden and at the cross. 

We are Easter people! 

If you didn’t say Amen as you read that, how about we try again? 

We are Easter people!

Amen! And Amen!

As Christ-centered leaders, you and I are a part of a movement that makes all of us Easter people. The question is, are you leading with the power of the resurrection as your guide? Are you learning to rise?

If you’re not exactly sure what that means, in Episode 226, Tim and I explore the journey of learning to rise. Using the journey of Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, we explore how leaders rise after disappointment, betrayal, doubt, and more. 

Resurrection hope gives us the promise of a new day. Resurrection hope is the power to turn disappointment into new life. Resurrection hope is available to you and the people you lead. For many, we simply need to learn to rise. 

As you listen to Episode 226, come with a difficult leadership moment you’re facing. Come prepared to explore how Stormy First Drafts can help you explore the story you’re telling yourself so you can experience the power of the resurrection…and much more.