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Feb 8, 2022

Mikaela Shiffrin. Vincent Zhou. Joe Burrow. Queen Elizabeth. Kyle Mullen. All of the above people were in the news over the weekend. Some are likely more familiar than others. 

Their names, whether familiar or not, are a small part of their story. Their relationships, life focus, talents, and heritage add to their story. Some were born into their roles, others trained for their roles, and one was seeking a new role.


Every day, as leaders and Jesus followers, you are writing a part of your story. Your story has twists and turns, ups and downs, and more “plot twists” than most of us care to admit. But, more importantly, the life you’re leading is leaving a legacy. 

The question is this, “Is that legacy filled with hope?”


Episode 216 explores leaving a legacy of hope. First, we explore how several well-known individuals are leaving a legacy. Then, we turn our attention to the “ordinary heroes” in our lives that form and shape us. Finally, we invite you to reflect on your own legacy and the people shaping you. 


Whether or not a news story airs, an article is written, or a book is compiled about your life is not the point. If you’re leaving a legacy of hope, it will be life-giving to others for years to come. 


Questions for Reflection

  • Whose legacy inspires you to be a hope-filled leader? 
  • As a Christ-centered leader, what do their legacies teach you about being a person of hope a hope-filled leader?