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Nov 9, 2021

What scripture reminds you to practice gratitude? 

Join Tim or Sara this week as they explore five scriptures that lead to five reasons Christ-centered leaders need to teach gratitude. Will the scripture that came to mind be included in this episode? Read more and listen to Episode 203 to find out.

From a boy with fish to Jesus and Joshua, you’ll hear scripture that reminds us of God’s presence, encourages you to take a 25,000-foot perspective, and that God’s in the restoration business. 

If you know you should be grateful, but don’t always practice gratitude, here are five reasons to practice, and teach gratitude.

Before reading any further, what are your reasons for teaching and practicing gratitude? 

Here’s our top five list. Listen to the episode to explore the corresponding scriptures that each of these reasons comes from. 

Five reasons to Teach and Practice Gratitude.

  1. Reminders of God’s goodness are all around us. God’s goodness invites a response of gratitude.
  2. God is in the restoration business.
  3. Leaders need to take a 25,000-foot perspective, especially when people are grumbling about “what we don’t have.” Instead, it’s an invitation to name what you do have. What is in front of you. Those are reasons to be grateful to God. 
  4. We’re God's people who are chosen, blessed, broken, and given. God’s grace breaks in at each of those moments, leading to gratitude.
  5. God’s in all things. God’s goodness is present in our life. God’s given you the opportunity to recognize God’s goodness. It’s an opportunity to be thankful.

 Write it down/Talk it Out

  1. Which Scripture resonated with you? Take time this week to explore it in gratitude to God.
  2. What aspect of teaching gratitude is your growing edge as a leader?