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Oct 26, 2021

“Why don’t they follow the rules?” 

If you’ve ever heard this question asked about immigration, join Scott Hicks, Immigration Attorney and Pastor, for Episode 201. Scott’s deep faith and grace-filled perspectives guide you to explore: 

  • the myths about immigration
  • how a culture of fear is perpetuating these myths
  • how faith informs our response to immigration. 

Then, explore with Scott how a shifting landscape is inviting a local congregation to innovate and connect as a community through technology. 

Myths About Immigration

Scott explores the myths perpetuated by lack of knowledge and media that keep individuals on a long waiting list that can last from 7-50 years. Additionally, he shares how long-term and recent history continues to perpetuate practices that are racist. 

Culture of Fear

When it comes to conversations about immigration, Scott explores how fear has informed the debate in congress. From threats of violence to “stealing jobs” the culture of fear around immigration has created a system that is enforcement based and runs contrary to what data shows to be true. 

Perspective of Faith

As an immigration attorney and pastor, Scott holds space to explore not only the legal implications of immigration but invites us to consider the faithful response as followers of Jesus. He reminds us of the greatest commandments and how loving God and not oppressing the foreigner, protecting orphans and widows appears throughout scripture. If loving God and loving our neighbor guides our actions as Christ-centered leaders, are there things we should be doing differently around immigration? We’ll let you decide.

Finally, Scott reminds us that being a follower of Jesus is not connected to a political party or a political ideology. Instead, when we start with our faith in Jesus, we lead others to encounter the love of God we know in Jesus. 

Innovating Church

When it comes to the intersection of church and immigration, Scott continues to be an advocate and educator. The challenges of the pandemic brought another reality to the local church Scott pastors. Explore with him how they’ve pivoted to an online community that is not only reaching people in their community but around the country. 

Write it Down/Talk it Out

  • Where are you starting in your understanding of immigration? 
  • How do loving God and loving others guide your actions or inactions as a leader? 
  • What is dying in your leadership so that new life can emerge. 
  • Are you starting with Jesus? Or maybe the better question is what's the difference between starting with Jesus and starting from a political, whether it be liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican point of view?
  • What new challenges and opportunities are emerging in this time of leadership for you?