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Jun 1, 2021

Where do those three things fall on your priority list?


If you’re like many people these are the first things that fall off our priority list when busyness creeps in. Did you know that 35% of Americans don’t get 7-9 hours of sleep a night? Or that  77% of the US workforce does not take all the paid time off they earn in a year?


As we continue exploring characteristics of courageous leaders, during June and July you’re invited to focus on the themes of rest, relaxation, and play. 


Today, we acknowledge what gets in the way of rest, relaxation and play. We’ll talk about control, excuses, communication and relationships as we explore three common barriers to rest and relaxation. 


Throughout these next two months, the podcasts will take on a variety of forms. Some weeks, we’ll have guests, other weeks, it will be short conversations between Tim and Sara, and still other weeks it will be an invitation to rest, relax or play. Next week, look forward to a fun-filled conversation with Amy Burgess, a teacher, choreographer, executive director, and mascot in MLB. Amy has the privilege of bringing Rosie Red to life for the Cincinnati Reds. 


In other words, it’s summertime. It’s time to experience a new rhythm, take a step back, and have some fun. 


Write it Down/Talk it Out

  1. How do you rest? 
  2. What do you find relaxing? 
  3. What is fun (play) for you?
  4. What did 2020 teach you about rest, relaxation and play? What will you continue doing as a result?