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Apr 13, 2021

What’s your personal accountability practice?

Not sure what we mean? Listen to Episode 173 with Jessica Moffatt and explore the intersection of courage and accountability. Jessica is a pastor and coach who helps teams listen for God’s voice to make faithful decisions. 

First, we explore how humility, offering ourselves to God, and self-awareness contribute to courageous action. Jessica’s reminders about humility invite listeners to pause and consider the relationship between listening to God and courageous, faithful action. 

Then we turn the corner and Jessica shares her personal accountability practices. You’ll hear specific questions Jessica asks herself and key life domains she explores every week. Jessica models how accountability can structure life and fuel relationships. 

Our conversation ends with a reminder of trust being the foundation for team relationships and how Jessica’s personal accountability practices influence team accountability practices. 


Questions to Consider

Who are the two to three people you trust to speak into your life and help you practice accountability?

What questions are you asking yourself to practice accountability? What areas of your life are important to consider?

If you supervise others, what’s one step you’ll take to build a culture of accountability?


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