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Mar 23, 2021

In our conversation today, we’re talking with Barry Burns about leadership and self-awareness. As a pastor, District Superintendent, and Dean of the Cabinet, Barry offers us wide-angle and close-up views of how self-awareness comes into play in leadership. We explore the impacts of social media and seasons of ministry as well as how self-care and having grace for ourselves play into self-awareness. 

You’ll hear us talk about how perceptions of social media posts can ignite unintentional fires and cause long-term harm to relationships. You’ll also hear how social media can be helpful. 

Join Barry as he reflects on a time in ministry that 75 members of a congregation died over a two-year time span. He shares what he learned about himself, others, and the support he needed to make it through a time of compounding grief. 

Barry shares wisdom about recognizing your blindspots and takes us on a journey into the importance of long-term relationships for deepening trust and transparency. 

That conversation guides us toward exploring how self-awareness involves others and springboards us into naming our own needs. 

Above all, this is a conversation filled with grace. Barry reminds us of the importance of growing in our understanding of who God invites us to be even while being aware of distractions.

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