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Mar 2, 2021

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What is self-awareness? Tim and Sara highlight five aspects of self-awareness that are essential for leaders and in daily life. 

Explore these five aspects and listen throughout the month of March to episodes highlighting how different leaders continue to deepen their self-awareness. 

Five Aspects of Self-Awareness to Consider

  1. Identifying emotions - Can you name what you’re feeling and the thoughts associated with those feelings?
  2. Accurate self-perception - Do you know how your words and actions land on people?
  3. Recognizing strengths - What can you do better than anyone else? This isn’t a competition, but an awareness of your giftedness. 
  4. Possessing strong self-confidence - Does your ego balance itself out? You’re able to do things because you have an ego, but your ego gets checked with humility 
  5. Possessing self-efficacy - Can you exert control over your own motivation, behavior, and social environment?

Questions to consider

  • Which of the five aspects of self-awareness do you need to spend time exploring? 
  • What question(s) do you need to ask yourself to be able to respond instead of reacting? Is it different for different situations?