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Mar 10, 2020

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What keeps you up at night? No, that's not our question for this week, but, it's close. 

When you consider that question, it's likely you're thinking about the people you love and your current reality. The people that are important to you are often at the center of what keeps you up at night.

And, if thoughts of them are not literally keeping you up at night, it just might be what's occupying your thoughts throughout the day. Whether it's family dynamics, work, or the world issues in general, our human longings and losses are what gets our attention. 

During Episode 110, consider how the people entrusted to your care experience the longings and losses of life. Perhaps you've never thought about it in that way. In this episode, you'll not only experience why considering our longings and losses is important. You'll also experience examples of how others navigate these questions, too.

You'll encounter stories, a psalm, and questions for reflection that can come alongside your daily life. We've intentionally designed this series to enhance what you're already doing this season. 

Consider episode 110 an invitation to "Step into the Arena." What's the arena, you ask? It's the place we show up and are fully present to the people and needs around us. It's also the place where you can be most fully alive and offer your greatest gifts to the people who are entrusted to your care - whether they realize it or not.

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