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Nov 12, 2019

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How can I be faithful at work? That's the question we're diving into this week. When you're confronted with the reality that the work you get paid to do has nothing to do with your faith, you may be wondering, "How can I be a Jesus follower at work?"

"Being a Jesus follower is who you are, not what you do." But, it does mean learning to be courageous in the places that we work.

First, we'll briefly remind you of the four skills that make up courageous leadership. Then we'll turn to rumbling with vulnerability in the workplace. No, we're not asking you to pick a fight. 

We're inviting you to get curious and explore the emotion that you feel in times of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. Once you're curious, building relationships with people is central to being a Jesus follower. Once people get to know your heart and know you care, it opens up all sorts of conversations about family, interest, and yes, even faith.

We'll talk about a couple of scenarios that might emerge in the workplace and invite you to step into rumbling with vulnerability so other people may encounter the love of Jesus through you.

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