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Dec 28, 2018

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Day 4: Communion 

  • On the third day of Christmas, we give you the gift of COMMUNION.
  • Read Philippians 1:3-11.
  • Prayer for the Day:

O God, through the gift of Communion, you have given us an opportunity to remember your great love for us in Jesus.  We remember, that in his name, you have chosen us, blessed us by your Spirit, broken us for your purposes, and given us as models of love for your world. Keep before us, as we gather around tables this Christmas season, the opportunity to create space for others, to enjoy the taste of a good meal, and to welcome the relationships of the people around us.  In the midst of being chosen and blessed, we confess we are broken. Fill our brokenness with your love so, through the gifts of courage, compassion, and connection, we can become faithful instruments in leading a moment of Jesus followers.  Amen

Give thanks for the gift of courage, compassion, connection, and communion.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 5.

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Merry Christmas!