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May 29, 2018

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Where have you experienced God's presence in the last week?

Looking for a little more of a challenge? Where have you experienced God's presence in the past day? How about the last hour?

Or maybe it's been a while since you've really stopped to think about where God is moving in your midst.

As leaders, our awareness of God's presence and a deep understanding of our purpose are foundational to being followers of Jesus. These two elements set the foundation for leading vital, life-giving opportunities a movement of Jesus followers to emerge.

In this episode, we introduce two questions. One about our purpose and one about presence. As you'll hear, we refer to both of the questions as first questions - oops! But, maybe it's not an oops. Both of the questions are foundational to leading people to follow Jesus. We'll practice counting above two in our next episode! ;)

These questions aren't intended to be answered once and left on a file on your computer. These questions are intended to be lived.

We'll explore why we begin with these two questions, along with how they come to life daily and as leaders of groups.

This Week's Download

7 Missional Questions Worksheet  - Purpose and Presence

Mentioned in this Episode


Episode 000 - missio Dei & David Bosch

David Bosch Quote: “Mission is thereby seen as a movement from God to the world; the church is viewed as an instrument for that mission. There is the church because there is a mission, not vice versa. To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people; since God is a fountain of sending love.”


Transforming Mission by David Bosch

Love Does by Bob Goff

Everybody, Always by Bob Goff


Missional Questions - Purpose and Presence

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