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May 15, 2018

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Episode 005: Engagement - Sharing God's love in service with others.

Where is God sending you?

No, we're not talking about being sent to distant lands, but being sent into our local communities. On this episode of LeaderCast, Tim and Sara share about people and congregations they've led in serving with others.

As you'll quickly find out, engagement is about our relationships with others.

Whether you're trying to build a disciple-making pathway, or simply looking for a way to engage with your community, this episode offers two questions that will help you identify how you can serve with others by first listening to God.

Finally, this episode wraps up our four-part series on Disciple Making Pathways using the acronym HOPE.

Hope is received and offered as we share God's love in service with others.

ps- Sara finally realized the word for animals that were stuffed for preserving for the purpose of display or study is called taxidermy. It's the process of preserving and also the animal. Yeah, you'l have to tune in to find out how THAT came up!

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Pathways of Hope – A Free, four-part Disciple Making Resource for you & your congregation. Sign me up!

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Pathways of Hope – A free, four-part Disciple Making Resource for you & your congregation

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