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May 16, 2023

The fourth episode of the miniseries, Habits of HOPE, explores how engagement models HOPE and guides people to become more like Jesus. 

The “E” in HOPE stands for Engagement. Engaging in acts of justice and service is about embodying the love of God we know in Jesus. Service takes us outside the church walls to be with others in ministry. Whether it’s a compassion ministry, children’s afterschool ministry, ministry with seniors, or something different altogether, serving with others pushes us beyond our routine. 

Being the hands and feet of Jesus is an embodiment of grace. Please don’t read into that statement. We’re not talking about doing something to or for others. When we talk about service, we’re specifically talking about relational ministry. 

Walk with us as we guide you through serving in the local community. It starts and ends with prayer. In between, you’ll experience how each essential element of the Habits of HOPE come to life. Starting with creating an environment of hospitality, moving to offering Christ, practicing the faith, and yes, engaging in acts of service. 

Listen to Episode 278 to hear how an afterschool ministry might look for a small group of people seeking to engage in acts of service. What we discuss will likely surprise you. 

If you missed the previous episodes in this series, head to the show notes page where we’ll link to episodes 275-277. You can find the show notes here: