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Aug 29, 2023

In Episode 287, we continue the exploration of missional leadership. This conversation revolves around the concept of defining your mission field and forging relationships that hold the potential to change lives - starting with your own.

The episode begins by highlighting the seven fundamental missional questions that...

Aug 22, 2023

In Leadercast episode 286, the focus remains on missional leadership, delving into the second aspect of this approach: the changing relationship between the church and society. Tim and Sara engage in a thoughtful discussion, reflecting on the evolving dynamics of faith, community, and engagement in the modern world.


Aug 15, 2023

Explore the shift in church leadership that puts God's mission at the forefront.

In Leadercast episode 285, Tim and Sara reflect on changes over the past 10 years, discussing the evolving role of the church and its mission. They emphasize missional leadership, which starts with putting God's mission at the center....

Aug 11, 2023

We'll be back on Tuesday with a new episode of LeaderCast where we begin to explore three aspects of missional leadership. Until then, here's a little sneak peek inside our conversation before we started recording episodes. See you Tuesday!