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Jul 20, 2021

In different seasons of life, rest, relaxation, and play look different. What is fun when you’re a parent of small children and serving youth in the church...during a pandemic? Join Sam Heaton as he shares his experience of leading, loving, and living as a follower of Jesus in the midst of seasons filled with change. 

If you ever found yourself worn out from a Zoom meeting, Sam offers reminders about our basic needs. Sometimes it is as simple as seeing the possibility for fun and faithfulness. At other moments, fun involves entering the world of his young son. What may have been fun years ago takes on new meaning as a parent.

At the center of our conversation is a focus on authenticity. Sam reminds us what authentic community looks like and the needs of people seeking to live life in community. He shares how life can’t be separated into neat quadrants. Instead, he models what an integrated life looks and sounds like as followers of Jesus. Sometimes it’s messy. Other times, it’s quiet moments of solitude. And still other moments, it’s being self-aware enough to know why you’re scrolling on social media. 


Finally, if you’ve wondered whether Sabbath is truly possible, Sam will help you see what it looks like as a parent, partner, and leader in the church.

Write it Down/Talk it Out

What does Sabbath look like for you in this season? 

What margin do you intentionally create with technology? 

Where are you finding mini Sabbaths during the day? 


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