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Jun 19, 2018

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We’re keeping show notes to a minimum for this episode. We simply want to remind you as followers of Jesus to be people of hospitality, offering Christ as you practice the faith and engage with others.

Here are several resources you may find helpful.

  1. Pray for our elected and appointed officials as well as how you will lead others.
  2. Here are instructions to contact your Senators. Currently, 48 Senators support the Keep Families Together Act, S. 3036.
  3. Here are instructions to contact your Representatives
  4. You may also wish to explore Matter A-B- and express concern that Matter A-R-C-G- has been overruled. This is the portion that allowed “married women in Guatemala who are unable to leave their relationship” to be considered a legal social group. When Mr. Sessions overturned this, it barred virtually all domestic violence victims from seeking asylum in the United State. It also set a new precedent for implementation of policies that continue to separate children from families and place them in detention centers. The matter is much more complicated. So, please note: this is not legal advice or even an attempt to interpret the law and shouldn’t be construed as such. Please research Matter A-B- and Matter A-R-C-G.