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Dec 19, 2023

In this final episode of the year, contemplate the birth of Jesus from a new perspective. Join us to reflect on the basic message of the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2, focusing on the involvement of shepherds and women to underscore God's message of inclusivity.

The main theme of the episode is 'seeing', an act marked by awareness and recognition rather than mere looking. You’re encouraged to rediscover your faith, move towards trust, surrender, service, and continually return to the grace at the heart of your belief. May you be surprised by the unanticipated people being the first to see Jesus, and stay receptive and experience the power of incarnation.

The episode concludes on a hopeful note, invoking listeners to consider what new experience God may lead them toward in the coming year.

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00:00 Introduction and Episode Context

00:26 Rethinking the Birth of Jesus

01:38 The Gospel of Luke and the Birth of Jesus

02:27 The Act of Seeing and Spiritual Vision

03:16 Rediscovering Jesus and the Role of Grace

03:47 Challenging Ourselves and Our Communities

04:56 Reading the Scripture: The Birth of Jesus

07:24 Reflecting on the Scripture and the Incarnation

07:53 Fear Not: Embracing the Unexpected

09:26 Invitation to Transformation and Renewal

10:21 Christmas Wishes and Final Thoughts

11:04 Closing Remarks and Farewell