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Dec 12, 2023

In Episode 302 of the podcast, hosts Sara and Tim explore the theme 'Rethinking Your Focus', in the context of Advent. During this conversation, you’ll be encouraged to shift your focus from your personal experiences and desires to the teachings and actions of Jesus.

Scriptural references, particularly to the self-giving life of John the Baptist, underscore the message of refocusing toward a bigger, God-driven mission that places serving others at the forefront.

The hosts invite listeners to share how they are refocusing on Jesus this Advent season. They also look critically at commercialism and self-centeredness, considering how a redirection toward God's grand story might provide a more meaningful lens for life.

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00:00 Introduction and Invitation to Engage 

01:22 “Rethinking Life?!?”...An Advent Series

02:42 Exploring the Concept of Life

04:01 The Role of John the Baptist

07:21 Rethinking Focus: Self vs. Mission

08:39 The Commercialization of Christmas

09:42 The True Mission: Pointing to Jesus

11:10 The Challenge of Focusing on the Mission

17:08 The Power of Light: A Story

22:25 Conclusion and Final Thoughts