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Nov 7, 2023

We’ve added a new feature to the podcast page and want to hear from you! Head over to and respond to the question: What does "being the church" mean to you?

In this episode, explore the concept of "being the church" and what it truly means to be a Christ-centered leader in today's world. You'll discover five powerful reminders that challenge the conventional idea of merely attending church. Tim and Sara delve into the essence of mission, the significance of worship, and the role of the church in serving the local community.

We explore and emphasize that the church is not a static building; it's a dynamic, living, and breathing community of faith. The church is the body of Christ. If you're looking to equip yourself and others to be the church in its truest sense, this episode offers valuable insights and inspiration to help you live out your faith in action.

Don't miss this compelling conversation on becoming the evidence of the resurrection in the world today.

Tune in to Episode 297 and start your journey toward being the church and embracing your mission as a Christ-centered leader.

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What does "being the church" mean to you? Let us know at the link above.