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Aug 29, 2023

In Episode 287, we continue the exploration of missional leadership. This conversation revolves around the concept of defining your mission field and forging relationships that hold the potential to change lives - starting with your own.

The episode begins by highlighting the seven fundamental missional questions that serve as guideposts for crafting purposeful leadership. These questions facilitate a deep understanding of the mission and purpose of the church, the assets and needs of the community, and the critical role of relationships in the transformative process.

At the core of the discussion lies the notion of discerning and defining one's mission field. Unlike a mere demographic analysis, this approach emphasizes the significance of field-testing the insights and building relationships. Authentic relationships, rather than statistics, become the bedrock of missional leadership. This shift toward relational engagement is highlighted as the third aspect of missional leadership, following previous explorations of other aspects in earlier podcast episodes.

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