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May 17, 2022

“All that increases our awareness of God is prayer.” -Rueben Job

Prayer is an invitation simply to be with God and to be in God's presence. That's all the hope we need, isn't it?

While you may think, “I know all I need to know about prayer,” today Tim and Sara offer a few reminders in the form of stories about what it means to engage in prayer as a means of grace. 

As you continue your journey to become more like God and embody God's love, prayer is an essential component of being faithful. Prayer is a way to encounter God's love and model living in God's ways. Additionally, prayer is a way we are in a relationship with Jesus.

As Christ center leaders, we have the same responsibility to model for others how to encounter God's grace and to be formed in Christ through the means of grace.

A reminder of all the prayers at your fingertips:

Exploring and engaging in any form of prayer is about the quality of your prayer life, not the type of prayer you choose to engage in. Prayer helps us encounter God's love and transform our hearts into the image of God. That's the point of the means of grace.

As you continue your journey of being formed into God's image, may prayer be an encouragement, a blessing, and a powerful reminder of who and whose you are to find resources for this episode, including prayer resources.