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May 10, 2022

Today, we’re exploring what it means to “search the scripture” as a means of grace. 

When we search the scripture, we do so to encounter God. We can encounter God in prayer, in creation, in worship, in community, and yes, in the scripture. Encountering God in scripture is one of the primary means of grace. 

Encountering God

As you consider the means of grace and encountering God in scripture, questions emerge. In other words, when we search the scripture, we explore the text. Searching the scripture opens you to the context and nuances of the Bible. Most of all, it points you to the image of God. Searching the scripture helps us to see that each dialogue, prose, or poem invites us to encounter God in different ways. 


Searching the Scripture

Here are a few questions to explore as you search the scriptures. This is not a linear checklist. Instead, these are questions to ask as you seek to encounter God and live as one of God’s beloved:

  • What is this passage saying about God?
  • What is the scripture saying about humanity?
  • What is the scripture saying to the church or to the ministries that I am a part of?
  • How will I respond?

Why Search the Scripture?

In short, understand why you were searching the scriptures. It’s to encounter God. We hope this episode reminds you that encountering God in scripture leads to a transformed heart and life. Throughout this whole series, be reminded that the means of grace are ways to encounter God's love so we can be transformed into the image of God. When we search the scripture, we're encountering the love of God.

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