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Apr 12, 2022

As this episode drops, it’s Holy Week. Jesus followers are making the journey from the triumphal entry into Jerusalem to the table, the cross, and ultimately the empty tomb. 

It’s a busy week for many. 

But love doesn’t know the boundaries of busyness. Love doesn’t know the confines of a worship service or church building. 

The sacrificial love of Jesus we are reminded of this week broke every boundary we can imagine. 

That’s the way of Jesus. What was intended as punishment, unleashed a movement. What was offered in love, continues to transform lives.

Explore how the outstretched arms of God’s embracing love on the cross remind you to lead with love. Episode 225 is a reminder for Christ-centered leaders of the transformative power of God’s love

The sacrificial love of Jesus, the outstretched arms of God’s embracing love, is a reminder you are empowered to love. The cross is never the last word. 

As you journey to the table, sit at the cross, wait in the silence of Saturday, and celebrate the joy of the resurrection, may you encounter the love of God we know in Jesus.