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Apr 5, 2022

Are you like Simon Peter?

Specifically, are you like Simon Peter when you are facing the unknown? While Jesus called Peter a rock, when the pivotal moments in Jesus’ ministry were unfolding, Simon Peter was less than courageous. 


Peter denied Jesus.

Peter denied knowing Jesus.

Peter denied having been with Jesus.


When you find yourself with your feet to the fire, do you stand in your integrity regardless of the outcome? Or, do you fall victim to the peer pressure that is around you?


If you’re honest, the answer is likely, “It depends.” We all want to stand firm in our faith. We all want to stand with Jesus. But sometimes our humanity gets in the way and we fall short of embodying faithfulness…especially when facing the unknown.


While you could ridicule Peter for his obvious missteps, at the end of the day, Peter reminds us of our humanity. Peter calls us to be faithful followers of Jesus even when it is difficult.


Join Tim and Sara as they explore facing the unknown with Peter. Walk away with reminders about our human nature as well as encouragement to stand firm in the faith.

Scriptures Mentioned

John 13

John 18