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Feb 22, 2022

God has gifted you in a unique way. That means your strengths bring hope to life differently than your spouse, your colleague, and even your friends. 

Today we’re exploring how leaders create hope in different ways. Specifically, how your strengths show up and create hope for different people in different ways. 

In this episode, Tim and Sara use two CliftonStrengths to explore how leading with hope may look different for different people. It’s an opportunity for you, as a leader, to remember and claim the ways God has gifted you and to celebrate the ways that you share hope with the world. 

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It’s no secret that many people are weary. One of the ways we can remind ourselves and one another of the faithfulness of God is to pause and celebrate the giftedness of others. To recognize how the people you lead are a blessing to others because of the way God’s gifted them. 

One final reminder: don’t just recognize your strengths. Put them to use in your leadership to be intentional about creating and fostering hope. And remember, when you share hope, it multiplies. 


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