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Feb 16, 2022

A leader’s relationship with hope begins with your relationship with Jesus.

If we’re resurrection people, and we are, our relationship with Jesus will guide all of our relationships. Today, we want to focus on why communicating with hope is a leadership imperative.

We’ll explore a speech from Martin Luther King Jr that you’ve likely heard, or at least heard quoted, and how we almost missed experiencing hope.

Then we’ll look at recent research around communication and leadership from Gallup. 

All to help us explore why communicating with hope is a leadership imperative.

Share Hope

It's a leader's responsibility to communicate with hope. The late Dr. Shane Lopez worked extensively with Gallup on the subject of hope said it best, "Hope matters. Hope is a choice. Hope can be learned. Hope can be shared with others."

Inspiring hope is a leadership imperative and is becoming more important all the time. Perhaps that's why Jackson told Dr. King to talk about his dream. People needed hope. Those words offer listeners, and even us today, a reason to hope.

What is your hope? Talk about it. Share it with others. Communicate with hope. 

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