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Jan 11, 2022

Encouragement looks different for different people. 

  • Some people respond to a written word or a phone call.
  • Others to a card or a text message. 
  • For some, it’s simply your presence.

Last week, we introduced the 3 reasons for this year-long focus on hope.  

Hope throughout the year is designed to do the following:

1) To provide hope-filled encouragement for Christ-centered leaders

2) To remind you of God’s presence and power 

3) To disciple you to lead with hope

Along the way, we’ll have guests share their stories of hope. 

Hope-Filled Encouragement

This week, we’re exploring the first goal: to provide hope-filled encouragement for Christ-centered leaders.

Just for kicks, Sara looked up the definition of encouragement and guess what it said? The action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.

The action of giving someone: 

  • Support
  • Confidence 
  • Hope

When we talk about giving you these things, really what we’re talking about is offering or sharing. If you’re not a willing participant, it’s hard to receive anything.

What we can do is offer support, seek to offer reminders to help fuel your confidence, and remind you of the God we know in Jesus who is hope.

As you explore what hope-filled encouragement looks like for you, perhaps the greatest encouragement you can offer is to remind people where you see Jesus. 

Big Question for this Week

  • Where have you witnessed Jesus this week? 
    • Next step: Encourage someone by sharing with them where you see Jesus in them. Or encourage someone by asking them where they’ve witnessed Jesus in the last week.

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