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Sep 28, 2021

Leadership as service is a selfless, loving way to lead. In the context of the Christian community, when a leader focuses on service, Jesus is the one we are serving. 

But, there is one thing that gets in the way of leadership as service. What is it?



Before you dismiss the fact that you’re not “entitled” or don’t occasionally behave in ways that are entitled...pause for a minute and listen to this short episode.


We offer several scenarios that are more common in the church than we care to admit. Each one, in different ways, points to entitlement. The hope is a few minutes of reflection will help you reorient your heart, soul, and mind to Jesus. On that journey, you’ll continue to live into being a leader who serves. 


What is entitlement?

Sometimes entitlement is obvious. Often, the small things we say or do can (un)intentionally place self-importance above service. 


Here’s how we’re defining entitlement in this episode: you think it’s your right, your prerogative to do or have something. You think it’s your liberty to say or do something. 

You already know the current cultural climate we’re a part of in the United States is overflowing with entitlement. The church, and God’s people, are at their core, countercultural. 


As you listen to this episode, listen to raise your self-awareness about the people, places, and things, that you feel entitled to. Then, turn your heart and eyes back to Jesus and ask the question one of our guests offered this month: What would Jesus do? Then do it. 

Write it Down/Talk it Out

In what ways do you experience entitlement? (You’re listening to this on a computer or smartphone, maybe start there.)

What is one step you’ll take toward becoming a Christ-centered leader who serves?