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Aug 31, 2021

As we wrap up this month’s focus on having a growth mindset and being a learning leader, here’s a simple reminder: as leaders, relationships are central to everything we do. 

Episode 193 invites you to consider five ways practicing a growth mindset can help you navigate the local and global challenges that continue to emerge. Some of these practices are simple. Others take ongoing practice and persistence. Together, they remind us that as Christ-centered leaders, the love of God we know in Jesus is central to everything we say and do.

Leaders who model for others the practices we share in this episode are shaping a culture that is based on love and kindness. If you’re knee-deep in frustration, fatigue, or fighting, perhaps this episode will help you take a step back and consider a different way forward. 

Here are the five practices we explore in this episode:

  1. Understand your sources and the perspectives of your sources.
  2. Practice curiosity.
  3. Test what you’re seeing, hearing, and reading. Ask “Does this add up?”
  4. Integrate what you’re learning into your leadership.
  5. Be generous with yourself and others. 

Now, although we’ve listed the five practices above, there’s much more to each of those statements on the episode. Take the time to listen to the episode and you’ll be practicing what we talk about. And, there’s a bonus lesson we didn’t list here!

Write it down/Talk it Out

This is your opportunity for integration.

  1. Which one of the five reminders we offered do you do regularly? Which one will you start integrating into daily life?
  2. What informs your point of view? Why?