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Jul 6, 2021

Let’s chat about joy for a second. What brings you joy? When you listen to a group of Christ-centered leaders, share their wisdom on rest, relaxation, and play, it creates an atmosphere of encouragement. This week, in part 2 of “What’s your best wisdom for rest, relaxation, and play?” nine different leaders explore the challenges of rest and the joy of having fun. 

And you might be surprised by what some of them call fun! 

It’s a great reminder that fun and joy are individual traits. But, often, when we’re doing something that doesn’t necessarily bring us joy, we end up having fun because we are with people we love. 

As you listen to Part 2 (you can find Part 1 here), be ready to be surprised, encouraged, and challenged by leaders who are doing their best to embody a rhythm of rest, relaxation, and play in the midst of their ordinary days. 

Write it Down or Talk it Out

  • What refreshes you? 
  • What brings you joy? 
  • What do rest, relaxation, and play look like each day, each week, and every year?  


In Part 1, we’ll hear from the following leaders:

In Part 2, we’ll hear from the following leaders: