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Jul 21, 2020

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John 1:1-5, 14


The Good News in John is this: If you have seen Jesus you have seen God.

 The Word became flesh and dwelt among us (1:14).  When Christians are asked what God is like, they point to Jesus, the “human face of God.” This knowledge of God is not a matter of human attainment or achievement. We know God because God has revealed God’s self in Jesus, who is identified with God. 

And lived among us (1:14). The word “lived” means “tented” or pitched his tent with us.  The word is closely related to words like “tabernacle” and “temple”.  The implication is that God came to live among God’s people. John wants us to know that what the tabernacle and temple stood for is now fully represented by Jesus the Christ and his community, the church, the new temple.

So, what does this mean for us? The living presence of God has come to be with us in Jesus.  God has become a human being and moved into our neighborhood.  This truth gives a fresh new meaning to love your neighbor.


Keep your eyes, heart, and mind open to see God today.  Where might you see God?   

How will the Word become flesh today? How will the Word become flesh in you today? Pay attention to the people around you. Be vulnerable.  Smile and speak to people. What difference does your interaction make in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? 

Return: Reflect upon the scripture and your interactions of the day. 

  1. How did the Word become flesh for you today? 


O God, thank you for coming to me in Jesus and for revealing yourself in the people around me today. Thank you for giving me direction in living this life. I am especially grateful that you are helping me become more who you created me to be. Help me focus my eyes more upon Jesus, so I may recognize you more often in the people I meet along the way. Amen.