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Jan 28, 2020

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If you say you follow Jesus, you're a disciple. But, are you a wholehearted disciple? 

Do you integrate your thinking, feeling, and actions as a follower of Jesus in ways that embody courage, compassion, and connection? 

If that sounds like a tall order, join us for episode 104 and explore how courage, compassion, and connection set wholehearted disciples apart and identify YOUR next step to grow as a wholehearted disciple.

During this episode, you'll learn why we're exploring wholeheartedness as it relates to disciple-making. It boils down to this: we live in a world that is increasingly disconnected, hurtful (and sometimes hateful), and discouraged.

As followers of Jesus, you are empowered to share Christ's love with people in your congregation and the local community. But, that requires integration. It also requires moving beyond the mentality that being a Christian is only about attending worship for one hour a week.

Wholehearted disciples live a life of following Jesus where they live, work, and play. They are people who embody courage, compassion, and connection with others. Wholehearted disciples recognize Jesus, the church, and the community all have a role to play. 

Yes, that creates infinite possibilities for how YOU can grow as a follower of Jesus. That's good news. Because there is only one you. And the kingdom of God needs you and your unique talents.

The journey of becoming a wholehearted disciple isn't for the faint of heart or those that want to "play" church. Wholehearted disciples are overflowing with integrity. They are whole. 

If that sounds like a tall order, stay encouraged. We put together a one page transformation guide to help you reflect on where you can start growing as a wholehearted disciple. 

And, just because we know you're thinking it...what's the opposite of a wholehearted disciple? A half-hearted disciple? Nope. We're not certain there is such a thing as a half-hearted disciple.

Our desire is to help you take one step on your journey of becoming a wholehearted disciple. So maybe, just maybe, we should have called this episode, "Becoming a Wholehearted Disciple." But, we saved that for your Transformation Guide. 

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