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Oct 15, 2019

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What distracts you from focusing on God's presence each and every day?

Is it busyness? 

Or is it the preoccupation with fewer financial and people resources than you want.

Or maybe you're not clear about your purpose. Listen to Episode 088 for some help on that! 

Maybe the place to start is by setting expectations. Are you expecting God to show up in your daily life? No guilt trips here. What's your honest answer? If the pace of life is such that you're paying attention to everything and everyone but God, it's time to pause.

Despite what your calendar, bank account, or roster of volunteers may say, you are not alone. God is with you.

If you're already saying, "Yeah, I know God is with me, but..." lean into this episode. You'll get four key elements to setting the foundation for following Jesus every day.

Consider Genesis 32:22-32. It's a familiar story of Jacob wrestling with God and God giving Jacob a new name, Israel. That scripture invites at least two questions: 1)How are you living into the name God gave you 2) What area of your life do you want to be more courageous. 

Listen as Tim and Sara have a conversation about noticing God each day and how the intentional practices introduced in this episode invite us to set the foundation for living as a courageous Jesus follower.

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PS - You'll also hear an important reminder about being blessed and becoming who God invites you to be.