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Oct 8, 2019

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4 Elements to Leading and Living on Purpose

If I were to ask you, as a Christ-centered leader, “What’s your purpose?” how would you answer?

...Would you have an answer? 

Could you tell me the purpose, or mission, of your employer? 

How about the church where you worship? Do you know the purpose of your local church?

As people who follow Jesus, we need to keep Jesus at the foundation of everything we do  - our life, our work, our family, our friendships...EVERYTHING.

The problem is, if Jesus is at the center of everything, it can mean you Jesus is not at the heart of anything. Or worse, we make excuses that we don't have the time, money, or know how to follow Jesus every day.

In this episode, get ready to explore your life purpose and how it will help you navigate the key tasks and common threats, to a healthy, growing faith.

Download the Transformation Guide. Leverage these Four Elements in your life and leadership TODAY.

The four elements include:

  1. A clear understanding of God’s larger mission
  2. A defined purpose of your life in this time and place. "What is your why?"
  3. You can articulate your purpose as a vision or a niche? Asked in another way, "Who are you focused upon in this season of life?" 
  4. And a specific plan to implement your purpose.

Remember these ABC's as you develop a plan to live out your purpose:

A. Pay attention to God's presence every day

B. Have meaningful places to share your story in light of God's story

C. Focus on disciple-making

D. Learn to adapt to the changes around you.

CAUTION: there are four warning signs to navigate when you're living into your plan. What are the cautions? We discuss these cautions during the episode.

You can also download the Transformation Guide for this episode to unpack the four keys, leverage the ABC's, and reflect on the CAUTION flags that appear in the lives of leaders.