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Jul 16, 2019

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Integrity - Part 3

Do you know your values?

If you can't name two personal values and the behaviors associated with them, this episode is for you. If you can name two personal values, this episode is also for you.

A central part of integrity is practicing your values. In this episode, Sara and Tim explore three values we see professed in the church that the body of Christ struggles, at times, to embody. We'll talk about love, integrity, diversity, and community.

Then, we explore one of Tim's values and how he's wrestling, reflecting, and seeking to live into that value around the humanitarian crisis with children at the border.

We wrap up the episode reminding you that you have a choice to live into your values. Choosing to practice your values is a choice. So is choosing not to practice your values!

Remember, integrity is choosing courage over comfort, choosing what is right over what is fast and east, and practicing our values not just professing them. We're certain this episode will give you plenty to consider in your own life and ministry.

Need help getting clear on your values?

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