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May 14, 2019

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In Galatians 4 we discover Paul’s understanding that we become children of God by God’s grace and not by our heritage or birth.  As we are shaped and formed by God’s grace, we begin to see every person as God created them to be. We look beyond the Law to grace.

Once Paul sees grace as a relationship with God, this relationship formed and informed his ministry.  It is a matter of becoming who God created him to be.

Here are five questions we use to help you become the kind of leader others want to follow as we look at Galatians 4.

  1. What are the circumstances surrounding the situation? These are the facts. Do not include opinions here. Only include the things that are objectively true and can be affirmed by anyone.
  2. What are my thoughts about this situation? Often these are opinions and stories you're telling yourself.
  3. What are you feeling? Name your feelings in one word.
  4. What actions are you taking? Explore your inaction as well.
  5. What results do you want? Name the desired outcome, purpose and/or mission you're trying to achieve.

Keep Growing!

After listening to the podcast, consider the following:

  • How do we help people understand, claim, and live who God created them to be as opposed to who we want them to be?
  • How do we help people grow in grace?

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