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Apr 16, 2019

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In Part 2 of this short series on core values, we're talking personal values. Part 1 (Episode 062) covers congregational core values. Each episode stands alone while serving as a partner.

Are You Walking Your Talk?

What are your values? You only have one set of values. You can’t separate work values from personal values. Said differently, you can’t separate your role as a spouse, parent, or friend from those of a pastor or follower of Jesus.

Not sure all of the roles you fill in life help you live into your values? Not to worry. You may not be alone. LeaderCast is here to help! In this episode will help guide you through a three-step process to claim your personal values.

First, download the Personal Core Values Companion Guide. It will help you narrow down your core values to two primary values. Then, as you listen to this episode hit pause and complete the rest of the worksheet.

In This Episode

We’ll walk through a three-step process:

  1. Clarify your core values
  2. Name the behaviors that support and detract from your values
  3. Identify the people that support you and how you care for yourself so that you can live into these values.

Consider how your core values and the associated behaviors contribute to the ministry you lead.

  • Where is there alignment? misalignment?

As you seek to lead from your core values, remember the behaviors that help guide you. Living and leading with our core values requires intention and effort.

Continue the journey of leading a movement of Jesus followers today, tomorrow, and into the future. At least two times a year, return to your core values to check that you’re leading from a place of integrity.

Next Steps