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Jan 29, 2019

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What is your first memory of church?

Once you have that memory in focus, now consider your role as a leader. It takes courage to lead. When someone considers participation in the church, they will likely ask basic questions of trust and fear.

In Episode 50 & 51 we talked about courageous leadership, disciple-making, and vulnerability. We confronted the challenge of scarcity thinking and challenged you to reframe the current reality you are facing as a disciple-making challenge.

Episode 052 continues this theme, through the lens of trust and its cousin, fear. Listen to explore how you can lead others to be trustworthy and step into building relationships with new people.


Time Stamp

0:32 What is your first memory of the church?

15:00 Are you trustworthy?

17:10 Trust & Vulnerability

19:00 Trust Defined

28:20 Do You Trust Jesus?

30:15 Marble Jar

34:00 Square Squad

37:30 Experiments

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