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Sep 4, 2018

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Leaders create a climate and an atmosphere of hope. Perhaps that’s why we ask, “Why is everyone talking about hope?”

As people who seek to have “forward-looking faith” we are people of hope. Faith makes new beginnings possible. The new beginnings are the practice of living hope.

There are four things people of hope believe:

1) The future will be better than the present

2) I have the power to make the future better than the present

3) There are many paths to my goals

4) None of the pathways are free of obstacles.

The first two beliefs are about outlook and agency. The third and fourth beliefs are about mental flexibility. People of hope do not have a fixed mindset. People of hope have the mental flexibility that allows them to learn, adapt, change, and respond to the obstacles you face.

Without the above, we lack the momentum hope needs to take a central place in our life and leadership.     

Hope is needed in our time because the expectations of the future need to be greater than the anxiety of the present. We can get caught up in fantasizing about the ideas that are big thoughts but not based in reality. We can dwell on all the "what-ifs" that exist. And when we're honest, those "what if's" are really creations of our overactive imagination. What would happen if we balance out fantasizing and dwelling and choose hope instead? This allows us to recognize the reality the challenges that might be facing us with the excitement of our time.


The Hope Cycle has three components:

1) PATHWAYS -  there are multiple pathways to reach any goal. Keeping this in mind is important because along the pathways we will encounter obstacles that require us to find a different path to accomplish our goal.

2) GOAL - the preferred future we’re seeking to realize, and,

3) AGENCY you have the power to make future what you desire it to be.


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