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Aug 21, 2018

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When was the last time you planned something and it went EXACTLY as you thought?

If you said, "Never," you're in good company.

As leaders, we have the privilege of introducing new initiatives, encouraging change, or guiding others toward deepening their commitment to the mission. But, we'd be less than honest if we said our vision always unfolds exactly as we planned.

Where are you facing a barrier in ministry?

What are the alternate pathways to proceed?

Whether resources (financial, people, time, etc.) are unavailable or there is a resistance to moving toward the goal you're working towards, as a people of hope, we must understand alternate pathways.

People of hope seek, develop, and explore alternate pathways to goals. You claim the agency needed to accomplish a goal and work toward the mission. This creates momentum that results in hope.

So what happens when you hit a roadblock? Or resistance comes? You might feel frustrated. Or, perhaps like Paul (Acts 16:6-10) you find yourself in time out.

As you seek to lead others into the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, claim the hope we know in Jesus.

Ultimately, having your plans blocked does not mean you are not successful. It might be the "time out" you needed to learn of new or different pathways...that lead you to God.

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