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May 22, 2018

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Episode 006: Being and Becoming Hope

How can you offer HOPE to the people around you?


The local church offers us opportunities to rehearse being people of hope. But, in many places, the structure of the church is fractured.

So let's remember, hope is a future-oriented, faith-filled action. In this episode, Tim and Sara have a conversation about bringing hope to life in a local church and in daily living.

During this episode, we confront some of the challenges we face and what holds us back from being who God has created us to be. As we explore our experiences of introducing a disciple-making pathway to others, we also reflect on the daily opportunities to rehearse our God stories.

We weave together the four aspects of a disciple-making system and offer ways we can seek to live as disciples of Jesus in our every day, ordinary life.

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Pathways of Hope – A free, four-part Disciple Making Resource for you & your congregation

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