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May 15, 2018

Practices - Growing in Grace

How do you practice the faith?

Perhaps you worship weekly, read the Scriptures, and pray. Those are great examples of practices. As you'd likely expect, we push you to go deeper with that thought and reflect on a rhythm or daily practice as well as congregational practices.

Let us offer a simple rhythm anyone can follow from anywhere.

  • Read the Scripture
  • Reflect on the Scripture
  • Respond to the Scripture in word and deed.

You'll find links to our most recent studies in the "Mentioned in this Episode" section.

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Mentioned in this Episode


Download a Reading Plan for Parables

Download a Reading Plan "Get Real"

Download a Reading Plan "Awaken to God's Presence"
Download a Reading Plan "Emmanuel: God with Us"


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Pathways of Hope – A free, four-part Disciple Making Resource for you & your congregation

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