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Jun 4, 2024

Welcome to a new series, entitled 'Ministry Masterclass.' This month we’re celebrating Tim’s 50+ years of leadership as a pastor in the United Methodist Church. Sara’s inviting Tim to share his wisdom about five key topics for ministry: mission, discipleship, leadership, worship and preaching and the church. We’ll cover each topic in a separate episode.

This episode features an in-depth interview with Tim, exploring the core mission of the church and how to lead ministries effectively. The conversation covers the importance of a Christ-centered mission, aligning church activities with God’s work, and the critical role of spiritual health in leadership.

Tim shares personal stories and insights on fostering a mission-focused culture within congregations and discusses strategies for pacing change and maintaining focus amidst challenges. 

Next week, we’ll explore the topic of discipleship.

Listen to this episode at

TimeStamp for Mission - A Ministry Masterclass

00:40 Introducing Tim and this series celebrating ministry

02:08 The Mission and Missions

04:04 Understanding God's Mission

08:52 Staying Focused on the Mission

19:12 Challenges in Leading a Church

26:59 Pacing Change in Ministry

36:23 Mission vs. Missions

42:08 Conclusion and Benediction