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Jun 11, 2024

Creating and Implementing a Discipleship Pathway: Insights and Practical Tips

In Episode 326, we dive deep into the crucial subject of discipleship. This week's episode focused on faith formation. You might call it discipleship or disciple-making. Whatever language you use, we’re focusing on what it means to help people become and deepen their relationship with Jesus by being a followers of Jesus.

If you’ve been with us for any length of time, you know we’ll highlight the congregational disciple-making pathway called HOPE, which stands for Hospitality, Offering Christ, Practicing the Faith, and Engagement. Tim and Sara discuss the importance of having a defined pathway for making disciples, addressing both the necessity of the pathway and how it can be embodied within a church setting. They emphasize the significance of relational and faith-oriented approaches to disciple-making over mere programmatic efforts.

Through several questions and examples, we’ll share how reflection and storytelling play pivotal roles in faith formation and disciple-making. By the end of this episode, listeners will have a thorough understanding of how to initiate and sustain a discipleship pathway within their congregations.

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Episode 326 - Discipleship: A Ministry Masterclass

00:24 Understanding the HOPE Pathway

01:11 The Importance of Having a Discipleship Pathway

03:00 Defining a Disciple

08:16 Sharing God Stories

16:44 Inviting People into a Relationship with Jesus & the Church

23:12 Modeling Discipleship

32:58 Reflection and Transformation 

35:01 Final Thoughts on Discipleship