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May 27, 2024

Weeds and Seeds of Ministry: Breaking Free from Status Quo

Episode 324 shares the seventh weed and seed of ministry. You’re invited to get beyond the weeds - the hurdles like overwhelm, fear, and isolation, we’ve termed as 'weeds.' Instead, let’s focus on solutions called 'seeds.'

The seeds promote growth and effective leadership. This week’s 'weed' is the 'status quo shamrock', while the 'seed' is 'Celebration Cypress,' emphasizing the importance of recognizing and celebrating God's presence.

Join us as we look at real stories, practical tips, and reflections to help leaders move beyond the status quo and lead dynamic faith communities.

Listen to episode 324 at

TimeStamp for Status Quo Shamrock and Celebration Cypress

00:17 Understanding Weeds and Seeds

01:01 This Week's Weed: Status Quo Shamrock

02:09 Challenges of the Status Quo

03:51 Real-Life Example of Status Quo

09:18 Introducing the Seed: Celebration Cypress

11:06 Implementing Celebration Cypress

14:33 Real-Life Example of Celebration Cypress

18:43 Final Thoughts and Reflections