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May 9, 2023

In the third episode of the miniseries, Habits of HOPE, explore the place the spiritual disciplines have in making disciples of Jesus Christ. As Christian leaders, there are at least three things we confuse we disciple-making. Listen in and reflect on how information, busyness, and disconnection are counter to forming and growing as disciples of Jesus.

H: Hospitality - reaching out and receiving new people in the name of Jesus.

O: Offering Christ - Offering people an opportunity to make a commitment to Christ.

P: Practices - practicing the faith through the spiritual disciplines to be transformed into the image of Christ

E: Engagement - engaging in acts of justice and service with others in your local community and around the world. We'll explore this in the next episode.

This series includes episodes 275-279. Head to the show notes page at for links to each of the episodes