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May 2, 2023

Explore the second aspect of disciple-making, Offering Christ. We offer Christ when we invite people to make a commitment to Jesus. Sometimes this happens in public professions of faith like baptism. At other times, it's a simple rhythm of life as a follower of Jesus. As you grow and deepen your relationship with Christ, new ways emerge to deepen your commitment.

Listen as we share stories about how offering Christ transforms lives - including ours.

In this series, we're exploring four essential elements of disciple-making using the acronym, HOPE. This episode looks at different ways we offer Christ within and beyond the local congregation. As you seek to follow Jesus, offering Christ flows out of the love we receive from Jesus. As Christ-centered leaders, how are you offering Christ to the people in your community? 

Listen to this episode and find other episodes in this series at

This series runs from episodes 275-279. Watch for another aspect of disciple-making next week as we explore what it means to practice the faith.