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Oct 12, 2021

The missional identity of a local congregation is essential to embrace the people in your local context. This week, Karen Cook will encourage you to lead in ways that connect the local church's unique identity to its mission field. 

We explore church mergers, the different life stages of a local congregation, and the importance of knowing your unique missional identity. At each juncture in the conversation, Karen offers a nugget of wisdom for leaders.

For congregations nearing the end of life, Karen reframes the conversation to remind us that the legacy a church leaves can extend beyond the life of the church. It takes intentionality, knowing your unique identity as a congregation, and the courage to step into difficult conversations. 

Karen’s passion for ministry with people shines through as she reminds leaders that we have to get out of the church building and meet people where they gather. If you’ve gotten comfortable in mid-life as a congregation, it’s time to get outside the doors of the church, meet the people in your community, and recognize that what worked to connect with new people at the height of the church’s ministry likely won’t work today. 

Finally, Karen reminds us to listen to the hopes of people and to come alongside people anticipating God’s transformative work. 

Overall, this is an episode you’ll need to listen to more than once.

Write it Down/Talk it Out

  1. What phase of life is your local congregation currently in? Early? Mid-life? End of Life?
  2. What is the congregation's unique identifier? What is your missional DNA? 
  3. Consider Karen's distinction between transactional ministry and transformational ministry. Ask yourself, honestly, where are we focusing?