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Aug 3, 2021

What would you say about the power of being a learning leader? In this episode, we focus on the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset for Christ-centered leaders. 

Join us for Episode 189 to explore how each of these characteristics can show up in Christ-centered leaders and what you may need to consider to continue becoming a learning leader. 

Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University, studies achievement and success. What she found was that people who have a fixed mindset believe that their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talent, are fixed traits. You have a certain ability and can’t grow beyond that fixed state. In other words, what you have is what you've got. Change isn’t going to happen - no matter how hard you try. 

In a growth mindset, people understand that their talents and their abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching, and persistence.

They don't necessarily think everybody's the same or that anyone can be a genius by studying more. But they do believe that everyone can get smarter or grow if they “work at it.” If there is effort put forth, they believe people will grow.

We all lean toward one of these mindsets. You might guess what we’ll say next. You can work to have a growth mindset. If you’re thinking, I don’t have a fixed mindset, pause and ask yourself if you ever try to hide your insecurities or control a conversation. Often, those can be indicators of a fixed mindset. Because of the limitations of “what you have is what you’ve got” people with a fixed mindset can find themselves trying to protect their intellectual status. 

Whereas growth mindsets can show up in simply pausing to ask questions and recognizing you don’t know everything. It also shows up as focusing on transformation.

A growth mindset for a Christ-centered leader means you’re focused on transformation.

  • The experiences you have with others - how are lives being changed?
  • The worship you lead - who is being transformed into the image of God?
  • The classes you facilitate - how are people becoming more who God created them to be?


As you can guess, we’re encouraging you to focus on developing a growth mindset. There’s power there and there’s even more power in being a learning leader. 

Write it Down/Talk it Out

  • What triggers you toward a fixed mindset?
  • What transformation is happening in your leadership?


Write it down/talk it out is an ongoing feature of LeaderCast. These are two or three simple questions to prompt you in reflecting throughout the week. Use these prompts however you’d like: as a journal prompt, a conversation starter with a colleague, or a question to consider with ministry leaders in your local context.

Join us next week as we continue the conversation about being a learning leader and explore the big question, “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?”